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The current coronavirus outbreak has resulted in many
more employees working from home, however this isnʼt
isnʼt a new phenomenon. Many organisations offer a
flexible working policy, where staff can spend some of
their working week from the comfort of their own
homes. However, this luxury has its downsides, mainly
in the form of online security threats.
Here are our Top 5 ways to stay secure
whilst remote working…


Having a strong password often isn't enough, for example, if your credentials are leaked in a data breach. Multifactor authentication involves an additional step to add an extra layer of protection to your accounts. The extra step could be an email or text message confirmation, or even a biometric method such as facial recognition or a fingerprint scan.


Many people are familiar with using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to bypass geographic restrictions on streaming sites and other location-specic content. VPN encryption is the process of securing the data within the VPN client-VPN server tunnel to make sure it can't be exploited by anyone. Basically, when you run a VPN client and connect to a VPN server, your connection requests are encrypted before they are sent to the server.


The average office worker will probably have more than one work device, i.e. a laptop and a smartphone, especially during a lockdown! These devices are deployed across multiple mobile service providers and across multiple mobile operating systems, so can be little diffcult to manage. A mobile device management (MDM) solution can be used to monitor, manage and secure employees' mobile devices.


Although having a firewall is important, it's inevitable that online threats can get through. A good antivirus software can act as the next line of defence by detecting and blocking known malware. Even if malware does manage to and its way onto your  device, an antivirus may be able to detect and, in some cases, remove it.


Data can be lost in a number of ways including; human error, physical damage to hardware, or a cyber attack. While hardware backups are still an option, one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to store your data is in the cloud. Cloud backup services come with a wealth of options enabling you to customise your  backup schedule and storage options.
Racegrid Virtual Reality Racing Centre

Virtual Reality Racing Centre Install

October was a fun month for us to help and get our newest client up and running. What an exciting project this was for us complete.

I must admit, it did take us a little longer than expected with the extra testing of racing the different cars around the tracks haha!

Our customer at Racegrid VR needed some assistance on setting up their very own Virtual Reality Racing Centre, they let you race lots of different cars on tracks around the world. Each POD is linked up so that you can race head 2 head. making it a fun race with few friends.  Each POD has a full motion seat, meaning that when your racing, the Seat moves all the time, around the corners and up and down on the the elevations of the tracks. you also have 2 wind fans that blow wind towards your body and face to give you the extra feel of speed.
Not only this, when you put your Virtual Reality headset on, your fully immersed into your very own race suit and race car, that you can look around 360 degrees and see everything.

So what was is that Racegrid wanted our help with?

They originally wanted a couple things

  • 8 Gaming PC's built and tested
  • Network install - cable all the Pods together to a network switch so they can link together.
  • Racing Seats, controls, VR Headsets and Screens Supplied and Installed from us.
  • VOIP phone and 3CX PBX Setup to take calls
  • Website to showcase their business and take bookings
  • Website Hosting and SQL Server Hosting
  • Development work in to gather racing info and show on a stats page for their clients (still work in progress)
  • Assisting install of Software and testing of the Racing Sims.
  • Discussions on business advice such as payment gateways, accounts software.

We certainly had our work cut out on this project, which led to some late nights. but some good testing too.


Ayava to 3CX VOIP Migration

A new Web and Software client was on the process of getting upgrade costs for their old Avaya IP Phone system which they have had for quite some time. We advised to them, we were more than happt to quote for an upgrade on their Avaya Phone System, but also mentioned that we are a partner of 3CX and actively support 3CX PBX systems. We explained some of the features and benefits of the 3CX solution, and what it could benefit for the business. After a brief 20min phone call, we scheduled in a meeting to go to their offices and demo the 3CX Phone system and give a more in-depth discussion abotu all what 3CX can offer. in the meeting we also discussed some financials on how we could save them money on support and also a huge reduction on their Call charges.

 Key features and benefits