Virtual Reality Racing Centre Install

Racegrid Virtual Reality Racing Centre

Virtual Reality Racing Centre Install

October was a fun month for us to help and get our newest client up and running. What an exciting project this was for us complete.

I must admit, it did take us a little longer than expected with the extra testing of racing the different cars around the tracks haha!

Our customer at Racegrid VR needed some assistance on setting up their very own Virtual Reality Racing Centre, they let you race lots of different cars on tracks around the world. Each POD is linked up so that you can race head 2 head. making it a fun race with few friends.  Each POD has a full motion seat, meaning that when your racing, the Seat moves all the time, around the corners and up and down on the the elevations of the tracks. you also have 2 wind fans that blow wind towards your body and face to give you the extra feel of speed.
Not only this, when you put your Virtual Reality headset on, your fully immersed into your very own race suit and race car, that you can look around 360 degrees and see everything.

So what was is that Racegrid wanted our help with?

They originally wanted a couple things

  • 8 Gaming PC’s built and tested
  • Network install – cable all the Pods together to a network switch so they can link together.
  • Racing Seats, controls, VR Headsets and Screens Supplied and Installed from us.
  • VOIP phone and 3CX PBX Setup to take calls
  • Website to showcase their business and take bookings
  • Website Hosting and SQL Server Hosting
  • Development work in to gather racing info and show on a stats page for their clients (still work in progress)
  • Assisting install of Software and testing of the Racing Sims.
  • Discussions on business advice such as payment gateways, accounts software.

We certainly had our work cut out on this project, which led to some late nights. but some good testing too.

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