Ayava to 3CX VOIP Migration

A new Web and Software client was on the process of getting upgrade costs for their old Avaya IP Phone system which they have had for quite some time. We advised to them, we were more than happt to quote for an upgrade on their Avaya Phone System, but also mentioned that we are a partner of 3CX and actively support 3CX PBX systems. We explained some of the features and benefits of the 3CX solution, and what it could benefit for the business. After a brief 20min phone call, we scheduled in a meeting to go to their offices and demo the 3CX Phone system and give a more in-depth discussion abotu all what 3CX can offer. in the meeting we also discussed some financials on how we could save them money on support and also a huge reduction on their Call charges.

 Key features and benefits