Internet Services

incrediblyrespecially Communication Solutions for Every Business

With our diverse options for communication solutions we can almost guarentee to be able to have one to fit your business requirement and save you money in the process!

Our Connectivity Services

As well as standard internet connectivity offerings, we also offer fully managed MPLS solutions making multisite business connectivity less stress for you!

Internet Connectivity Options

We have teamed up with TalkTalk Business (the wholesale arm of TalkTalk, formally known as Opal) and BT Wholesale, who have unbundled 3035 exchanges across the UK. This enables us to offer fixed price unmetered ADSL2+ and FTTC connections. The IP, radius and network management are all handled by us, just as they are with BT Wholesale connections. Coupled with free line rental installation options, this product offers one of the most competitive and highest quality connectivity solutions in the UK wholesale broadband market today. We can now offer TalkTalk FTTC in up to 4500 exchanges – providing speeds of up to 80Mb to millions of properties across the UK at competitive rates and some of the shortest contract terms.

We now can push out FTTP of upto 1 gigabit connections to the premises offering low cost fast soltuions for a lot of businesses that are not quite ready to go to full leased line.

As well as the above provides we can also help to install Virgin Media Connections too.


  • ADSL2+ (up to 24Mbps)
  • FTTC
  • FTTP
  • Leased Line


Multiple Connectivity Sources

We can design your MPLS arrangement to use multiple types of broadband technology supplied by ourselves. Line types including Fibre, EFM, GEA, EoFTTC FTTP, FTTC and ADSL are possible. This can provide your business with cost effective communication tools to remote sites where full leased lines are either too much or cost prohibitive.

Quality of Service (QoS)

It is possible to set the path that packets take through the network. You can also apply traffic priority rules based on packet type (eg streaming, web, email, VoIP etc). This can become very useful when congestion exists with your MPLS network ensuring the packets that require priority bandwidth (eg VoIP and video streaming) receive it.

Network Redundancy

MPLS core networks are designed to overcome individual hardware failure. Should a fault or line disconnection occur, data is re-routed through the next optimum path with downtime spanning milliseconds. This can also apply to backup connections delivered to site.

Improved Security

Multiple offices connect to an MPLS network through a private network with no Internet facing gateways which means that shared data and applications never leave the business domain. This is supplied without the need to create VPN IP tunnels which is the traditional method of achieving this.

Fewer Hops

MPLS keeps the number of hops which traffic needs to pass through to a minimum between network points. This helps improve response times and application performance.

Easy Expansion

In an expanding business, where the number of site locations are increasing, ease of deployment is important. Owing to the wide range of supported broadband technologies we can provide quick deployment or removal of site connections.