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Why get a Virtual Phone Number from us

We’re have partnered to one of the UK’s largest virtual phone number providers, allowing you to choose from over 3 million numbers.

You can choose from a huge range of numbers such as geographic, National (local rate) as well as Freephone 0800 numbers.

We can easily just forward your calls direct to your mobile or Landline number

Or with our 3CX Virtual PBX phone System you can enhance your phone system and make you fell like a bigger business with greeting system.

Our Numbers

01 / 02 UK Area Numbers

0800 Freephone Numbers

Memorable Premium Numbers

033 / 034 / 037 Numbers

Northern Ireland Numbers

What are the benefits of virtual phone numbers over fixed line numbers?

No need for expensive hardware, just use the Luna PBX app on your mobile phone.

No need for expensive hardware, just use the Luna PBX app on your mobile phone.

Stop paying way over the odds for a BT fixed line number.

Keep your business and personal communications separate by advertising your virtual number instead of your mobile number.

Establish a local presence right across the UK by acquiring virtual numbers in multiple UK area codes.

Track & analyse call volume and agent performance, using data gathered in the cloud.

Redirect & forward incoming calls to any number of your choice.

Why Use Multiple Numbers?

Normally one number is fine for most businesses, but now due to how cheap number services are and how easy it is to provission new numbers. It’s a great time to have multiple numbers for your business.

With having multiple numbers you can use these for marketing campaigns so you can easily find out where your sales are coming in, or use an 0800 Freephone number for general public to use.

Also you may want to have multiple numbers if your have multiple sites across different parts of the country.

If you advertise around the Crewe area for  Plumbing services, use a local 01270 Crewe telephone number in your advert.

Run the same advert in the Stafford area, use a 01785 Stafford telephone number.

It’s best to use a different telephone number in each advert. This method will allow you on a weekly or monthly basis to see exactly what response rates each form of advertising is generating.