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Our Online PC Builder is a PC configurator and designer.


Computer PC Builder

With the number of available designs in the trillions, the In-Store PC Builder offers something that some other websites don’t have – an almost inexhaustible number of custom PCs

If there isnt a component in our list, drop us a message and we can try source it for you.

Our PC Builder is extremely easy-to-use, using just a few clicks to design a working PC.

The PC Builder’s graphical interface allows you  to select any component to start designing a PC. Each subsequent component you choose is then compatibility-checked before it is added to the build. You can even add those all-important peripherals and accessories as part of the design itself – and you don’t need any technical knowledge to use it.

Once designed, you can then choose to order parts-only for you to build yourself, or our dedicated engineers will build it for you for as little as £30 per unit.

Build your next new PC with our Online PC Builder

Why use our PC Builder:

  • Plenty of unique configurations – over 700 trillion unique configurations available
  • All components are checked for compatibility at every stage of the build design – order with confidence
  • PC Build with ease– design your onw PC with ease
  • Pricing and Lots of Accessories to add – prices are displayed to keep track of your budget also giving you pricing on your accessories such as monitors, peripherals and software, including those all-important RGB lights
  • Stock updated regularly – All stock and pricing is live as you build, so once you pess Create order, you know your items will be ready to be build or send to you without worry of not being in stock.
  • Simple to use & interactive – anyone can use it, you can be safe in the knowledge you’re not going to make a mistake
  • Mobile-friendly – visit customers on-site and take it with you
  • Brand it as your own – with your own logo & details, unique URL, pricing and margins
  • Basic build cost of £20 – or just order the parts and build yourself
  • 3-Year warranty as standard or upgrade to an extended parts, labour & collection warranty for just £25 per PC

Build your next PC here

Who can use this:

  • Customers who have a professional CAD Business and need Powerfull workstations to designers and architects needing to create top-end specifications, including high-end graphics and multiple monitor outputs.
  • Photography businesses clients who need use PhotoShop and other editing software, so they need to be powerful enough to edit but cost-effective enough that users can still afford new photography equipment
  • The Gamers who need mid-range gaming PCs to an eSports racing team’s take a look at www.racegrid.co.uk who used this to buidl their own Sim Racing Rigs – these need to be reliable but cost effective, and look exciting to their players – lots of RGB on these ones!
  • Schools and government agencies use the PC Builder to configure PCs to very specific budgets and requirements – the 3-year warranty is a huge benefit

If you have any any other requirement that our PC Builder cant work for you, call or email us, and we will be more than happy to assist.